Musical of the Living Dead takes audiences on a rip-roaring journey beyond the grave with its satirical send-ups of classic zombie films and musical theater. The curtain opens on 10 survivors of a recent zombie apocalypse, trapped in a farmhouse and willing to try anything to escape. Writers Marc Lewallen and Brad Younts gleefully fulfill horror-film conventions in creating the melee of the zombie apocalypse as we watch the cast of memorable characters – all brought together seeking refuge from a ravenous horde of brain-eating (and dancing) zombies.

The zombies and humans alike all take part in the memorable show tunes, original songs inspired from such disparate sources as George Gershwin and Green Day – complete with bloody tap dancing, power ballads and street-smart rapping zombies.

Those intrepid souls who plan to sit in the front rows should be ready to be part of the Splatter Zone, as the stage's invisible fourth wall may prove porous to blood and flying bits of brain as we watch this hysterical, hummable zombie doomsday unfold.

Book & Lyrics by Marc Lewallen and Brad Younts

Music by Mary Spray

Musical Arrangements by Matt Mehawich

Produced by The Cowardly Scarecrow Theatre Company, INC


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-The Chicago Reader

OCTOBER 10 through NOVEMBER 9, 2013

At STAGE 773

1225 West Belmont Avenue, Chicago


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